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Things Are Picking Up

Lions have been very busy since the new term has started!

From rehearsals for the Year 4 production of Go For Gold…

To learning about light and dark as part of our audio-visual topic…



And even making silhouettes!


We are very proud of the positive attitude all of the children have come back to school with. The children have also been learning a little bit of British Sign Language as part of their biography work on Helen Keller. Ask them to show you  a few!

-Miss H

What Wonderful, Wicked, Wondrous Creations!

Lions and Lynx have been very busy over the last 2 weeks, creating fantastic projects at home to share with the class. We have had everything from chocolate bars to chocolate factories, and couldn’t be more thrilled with how hard the children have worked!

We love seeing how enthusiastic Lions are about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Their energy and optimism about our topic has even been commented on by visitors to the school, which made us very proud. Over the next few weeks, Lions will be writing their very own chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and writing a book review after we have finished reading the original story. They might even get some special visitors from KS1 to listen to them read out their reviews or chapters!

Well done, Lions! Keep up the hard work!

-Miss H


20 Day Challenge

This half term we are trialling 20 day challenges throughout the school. Four of the children from Lions have been given a challenge, which they have to try and accomplish in just 20 days! We have the highest of hopes that they will do this, and they know exactly who they are.

However, we want to encourage all of the children to think about setting a challenge for themselves. Some ideas are:

  • Using a variety of punctuation in written work
  • Moving up a level in Tackling Tables
  • Staying focused on a task without needing reminders from a teacher
  • Ensuring all letters are the correct size and formed correctly

We would love for all of the children to be able to tell us what their personal 20 day challenge is, so we can celebrate when they achieve it!

Perhaps you can even think of a challenge for Miss Haslam! Maybe not to lose her pen every 5 minutes? Or to not trip over any students?

Leave some suggestions in the comments!

-Miss H

All present and correct…!!

Well done Lions for having the best class attendance this week, and winning Clover!!

This is the first time we have won this year, and hopefully it will not be the last.

If we win Clover three weeks in a row, then Mr Evans will bake cakes for everyone in the class!!!!

So there’s the challenge –  but you’ve all got to be in to win!! 

You’ve all worked really hard this half term, so enjoy your week off, and fingers crossed for another great week of attendance when we come back!

Mr E

Extreme Reading…

Hello Lions class,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer break. I can’t wait to hear all about the exciting things you’ve got up to over the last 6 weeks…!

I wonder how many of you have already completed your Extreme Reading challenge? Remember, the challenge was to get a photo of you reading in an unusual or exciting place, so if you haven’t completed the challenge yet you’ve still got a bit of time left to think of the best place to get yourself snapped reading your favourite book!


(I did a spot of reading whilst bodyboarding at Porthtowan beach, in Cornwall. It was cold!!!)

If you want to email your pictures, send them to and I’ll add them to this blog page, and if you also want to leave a comment telling us what you’ve been up to over the summer that would be fab!

See you all next week,

Hakuna Matata

Mr E.