20 Day Challenge

This half term we are trialling 20 day challenges throughout the school. Four of the children from Lions have been given a challenge, which they have to try and accomplish in just 20 days! We have the highest of hopes that they will do this, and they know exactly who they are.

However, we want to encourage all of the children to think about setting a challenge for themselves. Some ideas are:

  • Using a variety of punctuation in written work
  • Moving up a level in Tackling Tables
  • Staying focused on a task without needing reminders from a teacher
  • Ensuring all letters are the correct size and formed correctly

We would love for all of the children to be able to tell us what their personal 20 day challenge is, so we can celebrate when they achieve it!

Perhaps you can even think of a challenge for Miss Haslam! Maybe not to lose her pen every 5 minutes? Or to not trip over any students?

Leave some suggestions in the comments!

-Miss H

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